About us

We are the foundry and machine shop that provides products of copper and aluminium alloy for marine industry worldwide. Also we machine stainless steel products from castings supplied from other foundries.

Founded in Latvia, the foundry has its roots with broad experience in Norway since 1936.

In 2016 we have united up with the Swedish company Aerodyn AB in order to provide our customers with an even greater range of products and the best quality.

Today, we can offer services with high performance equipment, machining centre, laboratory and skilled personnel.

In addition, we offer other type of products upon customer’s demand.

The products weight range from 5 kg to 8000kg per casting.

Our machining workshop has the ability to machine blades, hubs, impellers and other complex products.


Aerodyn LV  has implemented quality assurance system to ensure that products meet customers’ specifications of quality products, services and reliability. We are certified by DNV according to ISO9001:2008, contributing to continuous improvement in our product realization processes, resource management system, measurement and system analyses. Aerodyn LV  continuously works to ensure quality at all stages to attain high customer satisfaction. Our quality assurance team comprises engineers, technicians and other employees who monitor and control our manufacturing processes.

Based on continuous effectiveness competence improvement and experience we are developing lean manufacturing: set of tools that reduce the total cost and improve the quality of manufactured products, targeting at waste reduction, at the same time improving operational and environmental sustainability.

Manufacturing operations must be both highly efficient and flexible to deliver optimal results. We are committed to providing differentiated manufacturing services rooted in the values of speed, accuracy, and agility to help ensure customers are consistently provided with the right technologies and solutions at the right time.

Aerodyn LV  is certified as a producer in bronze alloys by American Bureau of Shipping, Bureau Veritas, Chinese Classification Society, Det Norske Veritas, Germanischer Lloyd, Lloyd’s Register of Shipping, Registro Italiano Navale, Russian Marine Register of Shipping.

Customer Focus

Customer Surveys. In the quest for continuous improvement to serve better, Aerodyn LV  conducts Customer Surveys on a periodic basis to solicit ratings  and feedback on both quality and service from key customers. The feedback is reviewed and analyzed, improvement actions identified, tracked and implemented.

Laboratory and Inspection

Material characterization and analyzes are performed and monitored. Chemical analyses, tensile strength tests, dimensional measurements, non-destructive tests, visual controls are some but not only of the controls carried out during the different manufacturing stages.

Final measurement control is carried out by laser tracker system that allows to measure very complex surfaces.