In 2016 Latvian foundry and Swedish company Aerodyn have merged for better future. Latvian company  is expertising in casting aluminium bronze and Aerodyn is the well known player for machining marine products. For the future brand name Aerodyn chosen for both companies.

About us

We are the foundry and machine shop that provides products of copper and aluminium alloy for marine industry worldwide. Also we machine stainless steel products from castings supplied from other foundries.

Founded in Latvia, the foundry has its roots with broad experience in Norway since 1936.

In 2016 we have united up with the Swedish company Aerodyn AB in order to provide our customers with an even greater range of products and the best quality.

Today, we can offer services with high performance equipment, machining centre, laboratory and skilled personnel.

In addition, we offer other type of products upon customer’s demand.

The products weight range from 5 kg to 8000kg per casting.

Our machining workshop has the ability to machine blades, hubs, impellers and other complex products.

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